Kraft Bag Manufacturing And Printing

Kraft paper bags are among the last popular products around plastics and plastics in the period when they will be in nature in decreasing use. It can be used in these products for use in many areas for daily use.

Thanks to its robust structure and aesthetic appearance, it attracts more attention than disposable bags. With the special designs made for Kraft bags, the advertising network of the companies expands. In this way, the brand awareness of the companies increases. These products are produced in three models as white, black and brown. These are determined by the area of ​​use. White Kraft bags are frequently used during product delivery, in areas such as shopping malls.

Brown Krafts are generally preferred in the food and beverage industry. In this way, you can make your name more permanent by moving your brand name and logo wherever your customers want. You can use products such as kraft bags with auger handles to facilitate the transport process and for an aesthetic appearance.

Despite being a paper product, they have a very strong structure. It is resistant to carrying loads of certain weight and tearing. Kraft bag sizes are produced according to the dimensions requested by the company. These bags, which are produced in small, medium and large sizes, vary according to the service provided by the company. If you are a company that sells small and fragile items, you can use small kraft bags to protect your products. For example, 17x25x7 cm Kraft bag is a widely used size for optics company. Kraft bag size 25x38x8 cm can be preferred for promotions or organizations. If you plan to protect your products such as vegetables and fruits, you can choose a medium-sized kraft bag. If you are a retail company, the dimensions of 42x35x12 cm will be suitable for you.

  •  Cardboard and kraft bags also offer numerous Eco-fit benefits to those who use them.
  •  Waste papers are biodegradable, so they can effectively degenerate and not end up in landfills.
  •  Durable and reusable.
  •  Create your brand’s unique identity.
  •  Increase brand awareness.

If You Want To Convey The Unique Identity Of Your Brand To Everywhere And Everyone, You Can Benefit From Kraft Bags.

The production of kraft bags that you will order is made at our Izmir central address. For detailed information about kraft bag models, you can send an e-mail to our company.

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