Cardboard Bag Manufacturing And Printing

Cardboard bags have become the choice of developing and growing companies in the sector.

Thanks to its nature-friendly and durable structures, it is liked and used by many users. These products, which are specially designed for the company, offer you the opportunity to be different in your sector.

Logo, design and print quality are very important in cardboard bag design. If you do not have a logo of your company or if you are looking for a new logo, special designs are made by our company.

Another factor that is effective in bag design is the size of the bags. Cardboard bag dimensions can be determined vertically or horizontally according to the customer’s wishes. The size and weight of the product to be put in the bag will help you in this regard. American Bristol, recycled Kraft bags, chrome and fancy canvas cardboards are used in cardboard bags. The products are generally produced from 210, 230, 250 gr American Bristol paper, 300 gr chrome cardboard or 200 gr brown cardboard.

The handles of the bag can be designed with special ribbons, knitted cords or as desired by the customer. Single Color, 2 Color or 4 Color offset printing options are available, without sacrificing printing and paper quality, production can be made with matte cellophane or glossy cellophane. Embossed Print (silver gilding or gold gilding) can be embossed or lacquered print in colloquial language.

  • Cardboard and kraft bags also offer numerous Eco-fit benefits to those who use them.
  • Waste papers are biodegradable, so they can effectively degenerate and not end up in landfills.
  • Durable and reusable.
  • Create your brand’s unique identity.
  • Increase brand awareness.

If You Want To Convey The Unique Identity Of Your Brand To Everyone And Everywhere, You Can Use Cardboard Bags

The production of cartboard bags that you will order is made at our Izmir central address. For detailed information about cardboard bag models, you can send an e-mail to our company.

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