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The Biggest Difference Between Us And Other Companies In The Sector Is That We Never Compromise On Accessibility, Reliability And Quality.

Our company, which laid our first foundations in 1993, was established in 2006 as Akabatlar Anonim Şirketi. We started to produce reliable products with innovative, entrepreneurial and R&D investments on the way we started with the understanding of product quality and customer satisfaction.

In the Kraft Bag, Cardboard Bag, Interlining Cloth Bag and Plastic Bag sector we produce, we continue on the road with fast and confident steps, taking into account the customer needs and expectations.

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Our strategc partner are that specials roles of advsor to our success business.

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Corporates programs are add bests advsers function to our success business.

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Logo Printed Paper Bags
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What is kraft bag?

A Kraft bag is a type of paper bag made from Kraft paper, which is a strong and durable paper that is commonly used for packaging. Kraft paper is made from wood pulp that has been treated with a chemical process called the Kraft process, which makes the paper stronger than other types of paper.

Kraft bags are popular for a variety of uses, including shopping bags, gift bags, and food packaging. They are often favored for their eco-friendliness, as Kraft paper is biodegradable and can be recycled. The bags can come in various sizes and shapes and are available in both plain and printed versions. They can be customized with logos or designs to suit the needs of the user.

What is Paper bag?

A paper bag is a type of container made from paper, typically used for carrying or packaging items. Paper bags are often used as an alternative to plastic bags, as they are more environmentally friendly.

Paper bags can be made from a variety of different types of paper, but they are most commonly made from Kraft paper, which is a type of paper that is particularly strong and durable. Paper bags can be made in different sizes and shapes, and they can be customized with logos or designs to suit the needs of the user.

Paper bags can be used for a wide range of purposes, including shopping bags, gift bags, and food packaging. They are often used in retail settings to package products for customers, and they are also commonly used as promotional items, with businesses printing their logos or designs on the bags as a form of advertising. Additionally, paper bags are recyclable and biodegradable, making them a more environmentally friendly choice than plastic bags.

What is Cardboard bag?

A cardboard bag is a type of bag made from cardboard material. Cardboard is a heavy-duty paper-based material that is thicker and more durable than standard paper. It is often used for packaging and shipping materials due to its strength and resistance to tearing.

Cardboard bags can be used for a variety of purposes, such as carrying groceries, clothing, and other items. They can be designed in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs, and can be customized with logos or designs for branding purposes.

Like paper bags, cardboard bags are also an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags, as they are recyclable and biodegradable. However, they are generally not as widely used as paper bags due to their higher cost and heavier weight.

Popular Questions

Solutions That Differentiate You

For custom kraft paper shopping bags, the general minimum order quantity is 10.000pcs per size.

If you know what design you want on your printed bags, all you need to send us is your artwork in either a vectored or outlined PDF file, an Adobe Illustrator file, or an EPS file.

Half of the payment is made after the order is placed, and the remaining half is after the products are out.

We provide a full artwork service to help you get your printed products looking just right. Send us what you have, or what you want it to look like, and we can either start from scratch or get your artwork redrawn for you in the right format, for a small extra charge.

Usually, we will pack and ship out products in 6~8 weeks after receiving your order.

It can be delivered by courier method as preferred.

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