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Accessibility, Reliability and Quality.

Our company, which laid our first foundations in 1993, was established in 2006 as Akabatlar Anonim Şirketi. We started to produce reliable products with innovative, entrepreneurial and R&D investments on the way we started with the understanding of product quality and customer satisfaction.

In the Kraft Bag, Cardboard Bag, Interlining Cloth Bag and Plastic Bag sector we produce, we continue on the road with fast and confident steps, taking into account the customer needs and expectations.

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    Our strategc partner are that specials roles of advsor to our success business.

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We’ve been thriving in 29 years


our company mission

  • To increase the added value of products by designing unique and noticeable packages that accurately convey brand values, appeal to consumer perceptions.
  • To produce high quality and durable raw materials and products in accordance with customer expectations.
  • To produce environmentally friendly products that can be dissolved in nature by reflecting the value we give to nature in our products.
  • To provide the best service to our customers by conducting R&D studies with our expert staff.

our company vision

  • To be a global company that respects the individual and is sensitive to the environment in the field of packaging design, by bringing brands to a competitive level on a global scale with creative solutions and increasing the quality of life of the consumer.
  • Contributing to the national income and moving the Store Bag Printing industry abroad.
  • To produce products that can be dissolved in nature faster.
  • To support employment with experts in their fields.

Our brand in Turkey

It is a brand that we serve in Turkey and created by our company, (Poşet Baskıcı) Bag Printing Brand.

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The biggest difference between us and other companies in the sector is that we never compromise on Accessibility, Reliability and Quality.


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We love kraft bags, I keep them for the fair. Good luck with your designer friends. Many thanks to everyone who contributed. I wish you had kraft ziplock bag production, we would supply it from you. Your energy is reflected in your work. Hope our paths cross in another project and we hope to work again...

william Thomas
Küsmüş Industry(Manager)

We have been working with them continuously for a long time. We finally found the place we were looking for. You have quality products, one-to-one service and people who know what you want. Our work will continue until the end. The only address for quality and service.

Melisa Karahasan
Lades Vintage (Manager)

I am very satisfied thank you very much.

Melike Polat
Atalier No1 (Manager)